Tues., Feb. 7, 2023
Loonie #$152 plus sales
Odd/Even$229 plus sales in 18#'s or less
Lucky Star$1,003 plus sales
Bonanza$1,466 plus sales in 53#’s or less
Lucky 7$9,977 plus sales in 24#s or less
Full House$750 in 53#s or less
Knights Bonanza$2,000 in 51#'s or less
Loonie # $152 plus sales
Odd/Even $229 plus sales in 18#'s or less
Lucky Star $1,003 plus sales
Bonanza $1,466 plus sales in 53#’s or less
Lucky 7 $9,977 plus sales in 24#s or less
Full House $750 in 53#s or less
Knights Bonanza $2,000 in 51#'s or less
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Last Updated: 12-Jan-21 08:21


Female Hockey Info

All information on Female Hockey is on the SVMHA website.

NGCC's Board of Directors supports positive experiences for children, their parents and adults in sport.  For more information go to http://www.sirc.ca/newsletters/october09/Index.html


What equipment is needed?
Safety is everything with WMHA. As such, all players are required to wear full set of certified equipment. This includes a CSA-Approved helmet with full face mask, mouth guard, neck protector, shoulder pads, elbow pads, hockey gloves, hockey pants, protective cup, shin pads, skates and stick.

When does the season start?
The 5/6 and 7/8 divisions will commence the hockey season with 6 IP sessions lead by coaches and volunteers from St. Vital Minor Hockey Association( SVMHA). IP sessions start towards the end of September and go to the end of October.  League play begins the following weekend. League games are generally played at Glenwood and Dakota.

What if I want to coach or manage a team?
Please register online at http://stvitalhockey.ca/ for 8A1 to Juvenile teams and with your local community centre for in house teams (5/6 and 7/8).

Are there tournaments
Your coaches and managers will be looking for tournaments for your teams to enter. Please contact your team coach/manager for more information.

Is it possible that my child may be assigned to play for another community club?
SVMA may require that players be moved from one community centre to another so that all community centres in St. Vital will be able to host one 5/6 and one 7/8 year old team. Players aged 9 and older will play for clubs that are hosting the respective team that they have been placed on after the evaluation process. This also includes players that have been placed on 8A1 teams as well.

Ok, I have paid for my child hockey registration, how come I am asked to pay more by the team?
Your registration fee does not included things such as practise ice, tournament fees, team apparel etc.

Where do I go with my comments/concerns?
Each team will have their own process as to how to handle issues within the team.
Ultimately, if you are not satisfied you may contact our hockey convenor.

What is the main difference between 5/6 hockey and 7/8 hockey?
Generally, 5/6 hockey is played on a half sheet of ice, while all 7/8 year old games are played on a full sheet of ice. There are no referees with 5/6 hockey, however a coach from both teams helps on ice to facilitate the game. There are penalties in 7/8 hockey.

Will I be required to fundraise?
Please talk to your coach and manager. Most team allow paying in lieu of fundraising for extra costs.

My child is too timid to play hockey.
Your child will gain self confidence while playing hockey and also learn how to be a team player.

Will my child be covered if they become injured?
The registration amount does cover insurance for your child while on the ice.

My son/daughter plays goalie. Do we have to supply our own goalie equipment?

NGCC provides goalie equipment for the 7/8 year old division. We may also have some equipment for older aged groups as well. If you have your own equipment, you are welcome to use it.

Does my child need to know how to skate before he/she plays hockey?
Absolutely not! At the younger ages most kids learn how to skate "faster” when they learn to play hockey!

Why should I volunteer?

If you don't volunteer, who will? If we don't get enough volunteers, the program suffers. The biggest reason? It is very rewarding—you will get a lot of it!

We are members of the St. Vital Minor Hockey Association (SVMHA) and play under the Winnipeg Minor Hockey Association (WMHA).  For more information, follow the links:

SVMHA http://stvitalhockey.ca/ 

Hockey Winnipeg  www.wmha.mb.ca 

Hockey Manitoba www.hockeymanitoba.mb.ca